Bali Silver Necklace Information

Bali Silver necklace
There is a necklace of various types. Because here is only the one of the chain, it is very simple and good.
It is to the souvenir and me. There are variously length and design, too and find the favorite one, please.
When it calls the staff, it is good because length is adjusted in the place.
It becomes the necklace of different again atmosphere if it puts it together on the top pendant introduces on other pages.
A popular ball chain and the clip type, etc. also in Japan. Because the price changes depending on weight,it is comprehensible.

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₯1g $2.5 goods₯
‚`|‡@@5.5g ‚`|‡A@11g ‚`|‡B@19g ‚`|‡C@5g
‚`|‡D@36g ‚`|‡E@49g ‚`|‡F@6g ‚`|‡G@6g
‚`|‡H@49g ‚`|‡I@26g ‚`|‡J@30g ‚`|‡K@83g
‚`|‡L@39g ‚`|‡M@32g ‚`|‡N@34g ‚`|‡O@22g
‚`|‡P@30g ‚`|‡Q@65g ‚`|‡R@5.5g ‚`|‡S@5.5g
‚a|‡@@5.5g ‚a|‡A@5.5g ‚a|‡B@5.5g ‚a|‡C@5.5g
‚a|‡D@5.5g ‚a|‡E@5.5g ‚a|‡F@5.5g ‚a|‡G@5.5g
‚a|‡H@5.5g ‚a|‡I@63g ‚a|‡J@62g ‚a|‡K@104g
‚a|‡L@25g ‚a|‡M@3g ‚a|‡N@8.5g ‚a|‡O@13g
‚a|‡P@g ‚a|‡Q@g ‚a|‡R@g ‚a|‡S@g
‚b|‡@@g ‚b|‡A@g ‚b|‡B@120g ‚b|‡C@79g
‚b|‡D@19g ‚b|‡E@9g ‚b|‡F@12.5g ‚b|‡G@6g
‚b|‡H@6g ‚b|‡I@6g ‚b|‡J@5.5g ‚b|‡K@6g

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