Bali Silver Strapp Cigarette case Zippo Information

Bali Silver Strapp Cigarette case Zippo Information
It is an introduction of Shigarettokcas and the strap of silver.
Most people in Japan are popular and the telephone etc. with the camera are popular also in possession and Bali the cellular phone. Strap to be able to make such a telephone fashionable by this silver.
The combinations such as peculiar design, silver, and beads to Bali are the best for the souvenir etc. because it is very lovely.
Moreover, it is the unexpectedly high one in cigarette case Japan d. I want to carry about the cigarette fashionable by not only the woman but even also the man.
It is recommended so. However, when buying it, the cigarette of Japan and the cigarette of Bali are confirmed because the size is different.

yInformation of Bali Silverz
ŸBali Silver Information ŸSilver Bracelet
ŸSilver Ring ŸSilver Pendant Top
ŸSilver Necklace ŸSilver Cigarette Case
ŸSilver Pierce Ÿ

₯1g $2.5 goods₯

‚`|‡@@g ‚`|‡A@g ‚`|‡B@60g ‚`|‡C@130g
‚`|‡D@150g ‚`|‡E@180g ‚`|‡F@25g ‚`|‡G@27g
‚`|‡H@24g ‚`|‡I@25g ‚`|‡J@15g ‚`|‡K@7g

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